About This Piece:   

Title: Amor Muerto         

Size: 2.5/3.5 inches or 6/9 cm (approx). This is a small painting (about the size of a baseball or Pokemon card).
Medium: Mixed medium on archival paper.

Date Created: 2018         

Sealed with a spray varnish. Signed.


The Story Behind This Piece:


Left up to personal interpretation.


About Me   


My name is Marisol McKee. I am an artist and mom of two boys. We live in the countryside of West Virginia, in a house surrounded by trees. I create spooky, outsider art. A lot of it is dark and experimental. Basically, anything goes.


I have sold 500+ paintings worldwide. I have collectors in the United States, Russia, Italy, Israel, France, England, Canada, Australia, and Spain. You can read my full "Artist Bio" by scrolling down. To view my portfolio or to find out about commissions, you can visit my website.


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Shipping in United States is FREE.
All other locations please pay $35.00.

All artwork will be packaged carefully, then shipped out via the USPS.

Also if bidding on multiple items, please wait until I send you a combined invoice. It's the only way I can save on Paypal fees.


* Additional Views *

* Artist Bio *

Step inside the enchantingly spooky world of Marisol McKee and you will find yourself surrounded by artwork with a cultural flair and a myriad of stories to tell. Stemming from an inherently creative upbringing in a California farming community, the reach of artistic influence during Marisol's early years has left an important mark upon much of her raw and foreboding work.

As a first generation American and daughter of Mexican immigrants, McKee's interest in art traces back as far as she can recall, as her parents instilled imaginative ideals at an early age. Marisol remembers back to the late 1970s when she would often spend evenings doodling in a notebook while her dad watched "Starsky and Hutch" on television. As he taught her to draw whimsical birds, her father would lovingly admire the work that she cleverly filled her pages with. A serious man by nature, it was during these art-filled nights when she would see his contemplative disposition suddenly immersed in giggles and smiles.

Raised in a religious home, Marisol attended Catholic school from the ages of five to seventeen. Viewers of her portfolio will find remnants of these doctrinal ideals prevalently strewn throughout her work, where she commonly pokes fun at the ecclesiastical paradigm that she was raised within. Not only does Marisol's theistic reflection produce evocative and thought-provoking artwork, but she also finds it to be therapeutic and cleansing to boot.

As a young adult, Marisol joined the Navy, traveled the world, met her husband, and got married. The pair ended up in the beautiful countryside of West Virginia where they now live with their two sons. As a work-at-home mom, art has remained not only her passion, but has fortunately become her job as well. Marisol currently works from her home studio, capturing the attention of outsider art fans from near-and-far with her hypnagogic, dark, and macabre designs.

Her work will captivate and haunt you as you browse through her portfolio. Brimming with mediums of all styles, McKee creates artwork with a wide array of tools, such as: acrylics, oils, watercolors, markers, ink, pencils, clay, and paper mache. The surreal qualities in her designs will cause you to pause and reflect as you delve into the lurid mystery behind her studies. Welcome to this hypnotic artistic microcosm, and consider yourself invited to wander inside of Marisol's creepy and alluring world.

Thank you for supporting this independent artist.
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